5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Handbag

We know how much time, energy and money you invested in acquiring that perfect handbag.
Women are more willing to splurge on a beautiful designer handbag than on any other
fashion ensemble, justifying the purchase by saying, “this one will surely last me for years,”
which brings us to today’s subject: learning how to preserve and properly care for these
bags. So, here I’m sharing 5 simple tips I have to maintain the pristine quality of your purse.
1. Use bag cleaning products
Yes, there are products you can use to take care of your bags, Products like leather gels,
shine sprays etc. do wonders maintaining the look of your bag. Also inculcate a habit to wipe
your bag once in a while, so that the stains don’t become permanent, or to just maintain that
newly bought shine. A personal advice would be to first do a small patch test, to make sure
that it doesn’t cause discoloration.
2. Stuff the bags to retain its shape
I’m really fond of large bags, but that also means that it’ll take a lot more care than the small
ones. Apart from maintaining its material and shine, it’s very important to retain the shape of
the bag. I like to stuff a sweater or any fluffy cloth into my larger purses to maintain its
shape. Crushed paper or crumpled newspaper also works but I prefer staying eco-friendly
and use a cloth instead
3. Store your bags in a dust bag
All bag brands usually give a dust bag along with their bags– don’t throw it away, keep them!
They’re great for protecting your bags when you’re not using them. I make it a point to store
all my bags right from a wallet to a clutch to the larger handbags in a dust bag, when not in
4. Use a zipper pouch for your vanity needs.
Small zipper pouches are a blessing to store all your vanity needs like foundations, sanitizers,
lip gloss etc. There have been so many instances where these vanity products have leaked out
in my bag, making it messy and painful task to clean the bag. Hence, I came up with this idea
to store all these vanity needs in a zipper pouch making it a lot more convenient and mess
5. Proper Storage
Handbags are best stored upright on shelves. If shelving is not an option, try a
cupboard or armoire. Pop handbags with dust bag on into your cupboard laying them
one over the other. Small clutches and purses for occasional wear can be stored in a
drawer neatly. A handbag rack is another best storage option if you have the space
for it.
And there it sums up, the 5 essential tips for your handbag care! Bags and purses are so
important to give your outfit a complete look and it’s definitely worth it to maintain its quality
for as long as you can. If you guys have any more unique tips on how you take care of your
bags? We’d love it if you share it with us in the comments section below!